Why you should get a XiIinx FPGA


During a recent developers’ forum organized by Intel, XiIinx introduced a number of QuickPath Interconnect advantages of their FPGA models. Developers understand that being able to customize memory resources to meet individual client needs is quite challenging. That is why XiIinx came up with the block RAM. Any user who chooses this model has the option of combining it to come up with a bigger array or divide it to a smaller one. Such innovations are pulling more and more people to choose XiIinx FPGAs over all other models. To begin with, the XiIinx FPGAs incorporate many memory resources to make sure that the user enjoys a blend of quality at the lowest cost possible.

With XiIinx, there is always more than meets the eye. So, here are the top five advantages of XiIinx FPGA and why you should get it.

1. It is cost effective

Compared to ASICs, FPGAs saves the end-user lots of maintenance cost. This is especially so when it comes to making changes to boost the design of a FPGA. The programmable silicon technology of FPGAs means that as a user, you won’t incur any expenses on fabrication, ask www.directics.com if you have any questions.

2. The XiIinx FPGA is reliable

Since the XiIinx FPGA sustains a wide range of ultra-high speed parallel and serial connectivity standards, it is highly reliable and best suited for many applications. The model is also able to accelerate best performance when it is used as a co-processor. This implies that it is applicable in networking, communications, scientific and financial applications.

3. It is highly flexible

Anyone who has used the XiIinx FPGA knows from experience that it greatly accelerates HPC application assignments. This is due to its ability to use Intel® QPI and Intel® server platforms. If you are looking for a model to give you faster and wider serial inter-connectivity to Xeon® and Intel® processors, the XiIinx FPGA is the best way to go.

4. It maintains ultra high performance in the long-term

The beauty and attraction of a XiIinx FPGA is embedded in its amazing processing horsepower. This feature gives the model more mileage in accelerator and offload engine applications. The fact that FPGAs are easily re-configurable makes them compatible with numerous future adjustment capabilities. Hardware parallelism also equips the FPGA with better computing power.

5. The XiIinx FPGA is the best co-processor option yet

More and more DSP system designers are shifting gears and are now moving towards FPGAs. Some of the advantages cited include extra performance, extra power and reduced costs. Though it might require one some additional hardware skills to use a FPGA as a co-processor, those who have known how to go about it continue to enjoy the advantages.

In summation, XiIinx continues to offer customized solutions to numerous client needs in various industries. When the company adopted the FPGA technology, a new wave of customer satisfaction hit the market. Now, more and more people are discovering the marvel of re-programmable silicon and what it has to offer in the field of science.