What is a bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are professionals who are responsible for ensuring that financial movements are recorded, and can bring accounts to the trial balance stage, which helps accountants to prepare income statements and balance sheets.

Keeping accurate, up-to-date records of all financial transactions can be incredibly important for business, and the speed with which these transactions can be recorded can be crucial. Manual entry of this type of data means there is an inevitable delay, with records never quite getting up to date. Automated, electronic entry means the data is recorded instantly, and books are totally accurate at all times. Hiring a professional and qualified bookkeeper is crucial for many businesses. However, increasingly small and medium-sized businesses are looking for ways to outsource roles like bookkeeping.

Apart from experience and qualifications, what can give you a good idea about the standard of a bookkeeper? (or you could just get online Bookkeeping Solutions)

Outsourcing allows small companies to free up additional capacity by bringing in outside services when necessary. Owners can often feel bogged down with administrative work, so are happy to give up these tasks to a qualified individual to give them time to focus on winning new business opportunities, growing clients and increasing revenue.

There are many different ways of bringing in the outsourced resource, including hiring freelancers, using recruitment agencies or appointing a professional bookkeeping firm who specialize in running helping small businesses. When it comes to looking for a bookkeeper, you should be careful to look for somebody who is highly trustworthy. Much of the data they will be dealing with is highly sensitive, concerning the financial transactions of a business and its customers, so ensuring they are ethical, professional and trustworthy is essential.

Before employing a bookkeeper, consider asking for references and recommendations. Find out who they have worked for, and find individuals who have experience in a relevant and comparable business.

It’s important to ensure that a bookkeeper is appropriately qualified for a job and to handle the sensitive financial data. They should adhere to the code of ethics supported by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants or the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. Lots of businesses benefit from bringing in the skills and expertise of external bookkeepers, through recruitment agencies or national professional bookkeeping firm.

Bookkeeper Job Description

The primary work of the bookkeeper is well! Maintaining the books from the organization, he works for. When the employing company makes any transaction, it may be the work from the bookkeeper to record it.

The bookkeeper first records a transaction within the journal and then posts it towards the individual ledger accounts. An essential work from the bookkeeper is to preserve the bills and also the receipts as a ready reference for any transaction recorded. The bookkeeper also has to draw up the trial balance and also the balance sheet of the organization at the end from the year. A bookkeeper also has to preserve the subsidiary books and prepare for that payroll payments. A bookkeeper also has to reconcile the bank book and the cash book.

It is the bookkeepers work to discover out if there have been any errors while recording, posting or balancing any account. In addition to this, he has to follow all the rules related to accounting within the country in which his organization is operating.