What are the types of licenses in Australia

You must have a license before you are permitted to drive a motor vehicle. Not a trade license like the qbcc license check, but a driving license. In Australia, the licenses are the responsibility of the state and territory governments. Your license gives information about you, what conditions you must follow and which vehicle you can drive. Your medical conditions to get a license is set by National transport commission. If you drive vehicle that carries passenger, you must hold driving license depending on the size of the vehicle you drive. The class of your license shows what types of vehicle you can drive. You can see all the regulations about it in the website of Territory Ministry of Transport. There are many types of licenses in Australia. So I will describe what are the types of licenses in Australia.

a. Car license (C)

This license is for a motor vehicle, an electric motor, and a specially constructed vehicle. The motor vehicle must have maximum weight of 4,5 t and it is fitted to bring max 12 adults. Don’t carry passengers when you are riding an electronic motor.

b. Rider License

This license is for motorcycle riders. The motorcycle must have been registered before.

c. Restricted Rider license (RE)

This license is for a beginner. You must have this license for 12 months before being permitted to have Rider license.

d. Light Rigid License (LR)

This is for the driver with class C vehicle. For you who drives a bus or truck that has no more than 8t GVM.

e. Medium Rigid License (MR)

For a driver with LR vehicle that has more than 8t GVM.

f. Heavy Rigid License (HR)

For a driver with MR vehicle that has more than 8t GVM and has more than two axles. This is also for an articulated bus driver.

g. Heavy Combination(HC)

If you are driving HR vehicle, you must have this kind of license. For a truck that has over 8T GVM with one trailer.

h. Multi-combination license (MC)

For the driver with a multi-combination vehicle. If you have MC license, you are permitted to drive vehicle in class HC and lower.

You must check your license conditions and type. Obey all the condition listed on your license. If you only have automatic condition on your driving license. You are not allowed to drive manual transmission vehicle. You need to pass all the test to get the license, including practical driving test and written test. Prepare the written test by studying all road rules. Complete a driver license application form, bring your identity and medical certificate when you are applying for license.,

The detail of term and condition for car license is set by each state and territories. The minimum driving age varies between states and territories. It is about 15 year to 18 years. The road transport authorities are fully responsible for your motor vehicle inspection, and your driving licensing services. Make sure you are in good condition and understand all the road rules. The road rules are developed for your safety. Follow the road rules at all times and bring your license when driving.