The Norelco 7200 Review

This is a review of Remington Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 on how effective this beard trimmer is compared to the previous versions from Philips series of beard trimmer. Unlike other beard trimmers, this Remington PhiIips Trimmer Series 7200 is designed to for a greater trimming experience. The lift and trim technology that lead the hair close to the blades less effort even trim, therefore, no need to repeatedly trim the same spot over and over again. It has an integrated vacuum system that delivers a wonderful suction aid that brings the hair closer to the blade for easy cut with little mess so to gain full confidence everyday and perfect trim.


(i) Easy to use and maintain

Remington PhiIips Trimmer is ideal for those who hate cleaning up sinks after use. The trimmer comes with an integrated vacuum system that collect all the whiskers in a detachable transparent container below the trimmer head. After use, open the head and dispose the hair into a garbage been and no need to clean the sink or bath tub thoroughly after use.

(ii) Wide range of tools for different purposes

The trimmer box comes with five different tools that perform different functions. You will get a standard trimmer head that is easily mounted onto the golden pole above on the top. You will also find an adjustable beard comb as well as two extra combs (a large comb and medium detail comb) without forgetting a detachable transparent container to collect sucked hair.

(iii) Excellent trimming technology

It has self-sharpening blades that are sharp and straight out of box and they will remain sharp as you continue to it. It has an innovative life and trim technology that directs the hair to the blade for easy and simple even hair cut which is more efficient without any mistake giving you a perfect look that makes you confident everyday. In addition, it has 20 length settings and precision trimming.

(iv) Superb battery power

Remington Norelco Trimmer from comes with a battery that lasts up to eighty minutes before recharge, which means a single recharge is enough to support another two or three successful grooming sessions. It takes an hour long to charge in full and even if you use it once and forget to recharge you can still be sure to use it again that is what makes it more effective than other trimmers.The final verdictApart from the integrated vacuum that makes Remington Norelco Trimmer Series 7200 stand from the market competition, still there are more other great features that make it a superb choice for all trimming needs. The innovative lift and excellent trim technology which allows more even trim that gives you the best look with one cut is another great feature of this trimmer. The choice of 20 different trim length settings that are unparalleled to ease maintenance is full guarantee for  its effectiveness.

Lastly, the long battery power that last up to eighty minute before the next recharge makes it more reliable to use all the time. It has the best design with best feature to offer the best comfort ever when trimming your beards.