The Best Double Bass Pedal

If you are a drummer you must have asked this question at some point. Double bass pedals are vital for good drumming and thus shopping for one that will produce beautiful music can be a difficult task and especially so when you are on a budget.There is a wide range of double bass pedals to choose from and this makes the process of deciding which is the best one for you even more tedious. So what is the best double bass pedal? There are many factors to take into consideration when selecting a double bass pedal. Some of them include; your level of expertise in drumming, the pedal weight and speed, the ability for customization as well as your budget.

The best double bass pedals
There are many double bass pedals in the market today. Some of the best double bass pedals that will give you value for your money include;

The Mapex 500

This double bass pedal is among the cheapest today. However, despite its price, it is also among the top-rated pedals. It gives you value for your money. For anyone who is looking for a pedal to just sit down and play with, this is the product for you. It might not have configuration abilities such as adjustment of pedal height, but the sounds and beat it produces are exceptional. The Mapex 500 is quite durable and may give up to two years of service. If you are on a budget, the Mapex 500 is your best choice for the money.

Tama Speed Cobra

As the name implies this double bass pedal is designed for speed. This pedal is excellent for drummers who can keep up with high speed. The drum can produce up to 250 beats per minute, which is quite fast. The pedal is long enough to allow fast heel and toe action. This drum pedal’s fast speed is due to the fact that unlike other normal pedals it’s footboard is a bit moved back. This is another of the best pedals available in the market today. It is the best double bass for anyone looking for speed. The Tama Speed Cobra has a pocket-friendly price and delivers more than one would expect from such a price.

The Yamaha 9500

Yamaha products are never disappointing. This double bass pedal is among the best. Unlike other pedals, it has a direct drive instead of either a single chain or double chain. This enables it to maintain an excellent connection of the strokes from the beginning to the end. Moreover, this feature allows it to have better precision and produce more beats per minute. Although the Yamaha 9500 is a little bit more expensive than the rest, it gives good value for the money. The benefits that one gain by using this double bass pedal are worth it.

These are just some of the best double bass pedals in the market today. Not only are they affordable but they also possess some of the best attributes and give the benefits that any good drummer would look for in a drummer pedal.