Small Business Merchant Services


are you a small business holder with a limited market? Do you sell your products/services on credit and you find it difficult to collect debts? is your production capacity limited and you cant satisfy your clients’ products demand?These are some of the most valid and pertinent questions that every small business holder need to ask. This is mainly due to the limitation of resources and capacity of small business holders at any given time. lf you are a small business proprietor, this you cant afford to ignore these 8 reasons why you need local merchant services.

Why you cant ignore merchants

1. They offer much-needed security

Merchants offer the vital payment security in card industry by offering high-tech encryption and compliance in effecting secure payment processing. Provision of a fully encrypted card reader, enable card information to be encrypted at the moment clients swipe. The huge investment merchants make to comply with the industry standard ensure fraud risks, identity thefts and breach of data are minimized if not eliminated. Payment is safe and sound all the way.

2. Online payments.

Lately, online payments seem to be going north. World becoming a global market also means businesses must be well placed to receive payment online. In this case, merchants are better placed to act as a solid and secure go-between due to their presence, expertise, investment and experience in the market.

3. Cards

Acceptance of payment via credit and debit cards would not be acceptable in the market if there were no service providers offering a guarantee of payment once the service is used. Merchants play this critical role. Small business can, therefore, rest assured of payments once the cards are used for payments at their businesses.

4. Merchants POS

Advanced Point of sale systems assists small business in personalizing management, customer billing, and inventory tracking. This would have been impossible and beyond reach in the absence of merchants.

5. Leasing of Equipment

Small business on a growth trend will need all the funds they can get to fund this growth. This leaves limited resources for acquisition of much-needed types of equipment. Merchants come in to offer the much-needed relief by offering types of equipment that small businesses can take advantage of and reap immensely.

6. Reward programs

Merchants in an effort to increase their revenues offer reward program so as to increase traffic through their systems. This, in turn, benefits small businesses through increased sales. The absence of merchant would mean reduced sales thus reduced profits for small businesses.

7. Acceptance solutions

Merchants offer eChecks acceptance solutions enabling the customers to make payment via alternative payment options. This ensures that customers are locked and therefore increasing sales for small businesses.

8. EMV Technology

Expert merchants have adopted EMV technology and devices, that goes a long way in reducing risks and protect the small businesses from potential liabilities.


The above 8 solid reasons make it very hard for any small business to ignore the services provided by the merchants. Whatever the type of business, whether product or service provider; Merchant services are a win-win for your small business. They just cant be ignored.