Popular Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are unique, simple, pretty and have a way of bringing out the true hidden beauty of any lady. These hairstyles come in different types, forms, shapes and have been embraced by different cultures around the world. The diversification of these hairstyles gives the ladies a variety to choose from, ranging from African styles to the African-American styles. Some of the best very short hairstyles include:

1.) Bantu knots. This style originates from the Bantu in Africa.It is a trendy style that is fit for practically any girl and lady out there; It can be both done on short and long hair hence caters for everyone. It entails the coiling of hair to form neat knots. The Bantu knots can also be uncoiled to create the Bantu knot out; this makes the hair to be curly and pretty. They come in different types:-
a.)Braided Bantu knots
b.) Bantu knot pigtails etc.

2.) Afro hair. Originated from the African-American communities in the 1960s.It is a style that has not faded away with time but rather has grown as time passes by.It is a funky style that is easy to do and maintain; it basically entails just washing and combing the hair with the afro combs.

3.) Buns. It is done by tying the hair into a knot either at the side, top or back of the head, it also entails gathering the hair in a neat fold an or twisting it around a pony tail. This style is suitable for short as well as long hair; It is official and still casual, it comes in different types:
a.)Messy bun
b.)Simple bun
c.)Loose bun
d.)Side bun

4.) Puffs. They are almost similar to the buns, but the difference comes out in their nature, i.e., they are made of curls.

5.) Twist outs. This hairstyle is a modern style that strives to bring out curls in the hair; it is achieved by twisting the hair and then untwisting it after some time to bring out the curly effect.

6.) Updos. It basically entails gathering of hair such that it points up.It is a style commonly used for weddings, dinner parties and other special occasions.It is a must have for the ladies who have a problem with hair loss mostly the hair line, it is more of a protective style for the hairlines. Updos are not only restricted to hair pointing up; there are some who gather at the side and others at the back of the head.

7.) Wash and go. As the name suggests, it is quite simple. This is a style that has been embraced by most ladies with short hair because of its simplistic nature and beauty.It is convenient since it can be styled in very many ways. With this style, you can make use of the headbands, scarfs and other hair accessories for a more girly look.

8.) Bob cuts. This style is achieved by cutting the hair into a bob. This is the newest and the most trendy style ‘in town,’ it has also been embraced by ladies across the world since it gives one a cool look and still saves on time that would be used to style the hair every other time.