Methods of changing your postal address

There are two methods or ways one can to change his or her address through the postal address service so as to have his or her address moved to the new location. More methods can be found on The methods are;
1. Going to united states postal service website on Here one will be able to change and update his or her address at their own comfort. This method is the easiest and the quickest way of having your address updated instantly. Upon updating you will receive an email as confirmation of the changes of update made. For this online update there is a one dollar fee to either your debit or credit card. This one dollar fee is a verification to avert fraudsters and make sure that you are the one updating or requesting for those postal address changes.
2. The other method or way of changing or updating your postal address with postal service is as simple as taking yourself to your local post office and asking for movers guide packet.
The movers guide packet contains in the inside of a postal service PS form 3575 which is very simple to fill and guides you through the process of changing or updating your postal mailing address. Once PS form 3575 is filed just drop it at the letters mail slot or simply hand it over to the postal worker at the counter after all they are there to help you if you just get stuck. After around five or so business days you are supposed to receive a letter confirming update or change of your mailing address in your new mailing address.
You don’t have to pay anything for this service.
Apart from the above two methods one can temporarily update his or her mailing address at the local post office with a lot of ease. You just have to take yourself to your local post office and make a request to temporarily change your address for instance when on vacation. The service is unfortunately not available at all post offices, but they should be able to hold your mailing address for a short period of time.
The above two methods are only limited to letters or address coming through united states postal service USPS.
Updating your address with united states postal service USPS several other services require or are automatically updated. This include your bills, credit card, insurance and banks. For instance once you update your mailing address with united states postal service USPS, all your paper bills should be auto mailed to your new address for half a year. Well this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go online and update other services that sends you bills so as to be on safe side.
For banks, that’s depends on how you bank but its prudent to let them know you have updated your address. Once an update for mailing address with united states postal service USPS is successful its prudent to notify your credit card provider too of your new mailing address. Insurance companies and brokers also take keen interest in such changes and its good to keep them in tabs about your change of mailing address.