Looking after your SS numbers

First thing first, we know that social security gives us ostensibly feel of protection. Yes, it gives us many privileges, such as a guarantee of financial security and medical care. One of the safeguard ways is protected Social Security Number i.e. Social Security Card. But, there is always but. They keep a record of our transactions, they know how much we earn, where do we spend etc. Goverment is not a problem, they follow the rules.

We are here to talk about the other ones with https://www.application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/form-ss-5/.

Today we are a witness that people are victims of high-tech crime. The way I see it, everyone can be a victim. All of us get bounds of emails, different offers, temptations, and some of them are malicious. If we infect our computer with maIware they can get access to pretty much everything in our life.

Imagine someone did hack you, someone stole your email, passwords, messages, what can you do? You can report, but by the time investigation is over, you can stay without everything.

How can we stop that? For start I don’t need to tell you to keep your computers safe, I can advise you how to keep your Social Security Number safe. Connect your Social Security Number with an account so no one else can use your number for fraud. Always set two-factor authentication. Why? So you can connect your number or email with it. The last line of defense is the Social Security Card.

It is the easiest way to track your financial activities, so you must take good care of it. As a suggestion, you can put your Social Security card in some private place, that you know its safe. Why? Because anyone who can access it can access your accounts. So hide it, but not from yourself.

There is another way, by memorizing your Social Security Number. It’s not that hard if you are good with numbers. But who want to memorize nine digests.If we trust someone too much we can share a document with them, but as my experience tells me, none like to share whole privacy, or how much they earn or spend. There is an option to ask organization, or employer to keep our card safe, but I’m not trustworthy about them. So there are many ways to protect, we just have to choose the right one.

You see when someone has your social security card, they can have power over you. They can see what you do. I can sit next to you and if I see your Social Security Number, I can use it for my purpose. Maybe I can make fake accounts, connect them with mine, get your paycheck, get your identity. Anyone can do it. Take care of your social security number and card. Keep them safe, don’t let anyone scam you. Those people disappear easy, and you will stay asking yourself how did I let this happen.

You won’t do that, because you will keep your card hidden, you will protect her as you protect your privacy.