How Much Should a Beard Trimmer Cost?

Trimming our beard is the bane of every man’s existence, especially since we continuously need to shave the hair off our face and it just keeps growing back relentlessly. This turns into the daily (or almost daily) chore of the morning shave. The problem is that many men don’t use the proper trimmer and end up with a less-than-perfect shave.

The good news is that there is a ratio that exists: the more money you spend, the better your shave will be. Sure, it’s easy to go out and
buy a cheap $12 beard trimmer from your local value store. It’s simple and cost-effective. But, when you go to trim your beard, you’ll be ripping out hair and cutting your skin more than shaving it, which, in the end, will cause an overall terrible trimming experience.

Over all, the cost of a beard trimmer will vary anywhere from $20, all the way through to $80 like the depending on the brand and quality of the trimmer. Let’s look at a few other factors that will influence the quality of your shave.

·  Cord Vs Cordless

Typically, on the cheaper end of the spectrum, you’ll find beard trimmers that come with a cord. While this is great in terms of reliability, since you’ll never have to make sure your trimmer is charged, the cord can take away from your shaving experience by getting in the way and making it difficult to maneuver the trimmer while still trying to get a good look in the mirror.

·  Brand Name

There is certainly no shortage of beard trimmer brands out there. This includes all the cheaper “no-name” brand as well. However, when purchasing a beard trimmer, it’s a good idea to stick to brand names that are well-known such as Conair, Philips, Wahl and Braun. These are popular name brands that are sure to deliver a smooth experience, even with their cheaper-end products.

·  Quality

While there are many brands of beard trimmers out there, not
all deliver the same type of performance. Moreover, many brands will have several different quality trimmers to match different level of consumer
spending. On the lower price end, say the trimmer around the $20-dollar mark, you’ll get a product that shaves hair, but won’t deliver a smooth trimming experience. On the other hand, if you’re willing to spend more, such as the $76 Beard Trimmer 5000 by Philips, you’ll get a smooth shave and an overall better experience.

When looking for a good beard trimmer, if you keep these factors in mind, you’ll be sure to find a beard trimmer that can match both your budget and your shaving needs all at the same time. Also, it’s important to remember that you don’t necessarily have to spend $75 on a trimmer to get a quality shave. Some of the cheaper trimmers, such as Conair’s $28 Rechargeable Beard and Mustache Trimmer, delivers a smooth and easy trimming experience, without causing a major dent in your bank account.