Common SEO problems

One of the most disappointing things for any business or website owner is when an SEO campaign fails. You might have spent a lot of time drafting incredible content, researching on your topic and keywords, or you may have even written emails to send out to potential leads, only for nothing to happen. The sad truth is that there are plenty of SEO campaigns and some will eventually fail for different reasons. So, if your SEO campaign fails to deliver, there could be some things that went wrong and need to be addressed. Please read on to find out more about florida seo services.

Website Being Outdated

There are just a few aspects of your website that might hurt your search engine rankings. First, you need to examine the website infrastructure. If your website structure requires visitors to click more than two clicks to get to get what they want, then this could be the reason for high bounce rates. Likewise, drop-down menus with many links and complex navigation between pages may lower your rankings. On top of these, slow loading time affects rankings. Redundant codes, fancy graphics, and excessive use of widgets tend to lower site speed.

Website Being Mobile Unresponsive

Today, consumers spend more time (69%) of their time on their mobile devices and this has a direct impact on how they search and browse the internet. So, if you still wondering whether responsiveness of your website
is important, you might be losing out already. In 2015, Google adjusted their algorithm to demote websites that are not mobile responsive and recently they adopted a mobile-first indexing. Besides this, a responsive site offers a friendly and consistent user experience to your visitors.

Being Unrealistic About Your SEO Goals

Most site owners set unrealistic goals with regards to SEO campaigns. They think that when they rank top for specific keywords they will get all the customer traffic they desire. While it is possible to rank #1 for most keywords, it is almost impossible to rank #1 for every keyword within few days. Going into a campaign with an objective mind helps you develop a better strategy. It is better to start with few keywords to optimize for. From here, you can build on their success until you reach your goal.

Getting Wrong With Content

Being the most important factor that affects your ranking, nothing can compensate for high-quality content. There are several reasons why your content doesn’t produce outstanding results. If you have thin or duplicate content, you can get penalized by Google. The Panda Update targeted websites that offer no real value to users. Besides this, using irrelevant content will not help. The RankBrain, Hummingbird, and other Google algorithm updates require content to match with user intent.

Poor SEO Strategy

Before designing or trying any SEO strategy, you first need to understand your customers and business; seeing the big picture. Basically, you should know the problems that your target customers are looking to be solved and what unique benefits does your business offer. With this, you can carefully develop a keyword strategy that matches user intent. Some of the challenges that most people face is targeting competitive keywords, not using long-tail keywords, not using marketing tools to make informed decisions, using keywords that have insufficient volume, and overusing keywords.

Finally, your SEO might fail because you abdicate responsibility for championing your website SEO. Typically, SEO is not a one-time solution but an ongoing process. The problem arises when people assume a set-and-forget mentality when managing their SEO. Even if you have outsourced your SEO activities to an SEO consultant, you still need to assume a joint responsibility in terms ensuring both of you have a shared goal.