Birding Lodges – Your Perfect Escape


Don’t you just wish you could run away from the loud and cranky atmosphere in the city? Just hop on a plane and wander about in the world? The first thing you need to consider, however, is where to go. Surely, there is a multitude of options to choose from, but if you wish to go someplace where you can completely reset – do it with nature.

Nowadays, people have come to realize the serenity that nature has to offer. It can give us that form of release that the city just can’t give. The most interesting of all is staying in Birding Lodges, read up at

What are Birding Lodges?

Birding Lodges are places of accommodation in travel destinations where you can see nature in its most natural bearing. It could be located in forests or jungles where you get firsthand experience of what it takes to literally be one with nature. Also, birding lodges are places that naturally attract a wide variety of birdlife. Especially those that already resides in the area. These places would have dedicated areas with ponds and feeders where birds can situate themselves and people can bird watch.

These kinds of lodges have an authentic forest feel. There would be ample of trees surrounding the area, where animals could live without fear. The accommodation or building itself are surrounded by plants and flowers that will make you feel cozy throughout the stay. Furthermore, these lodges have scenery that can ultimately give you a sensation of freedom and happiness. Everything would be colorful, the breaths you take are fresh and clean, and the water you drink taste of cold spring.

Tourists and Tours

Birding lodges are great tourist destinations. They allow tourists to relax, reinvigorate, and re-tune their usually busy and cluttered thoughts. Although bird-watching is one of the pertinent activities within the lodge, other tours are normally available. Staying in these lodges don’t limit your forest experience to just bird-watching and sleep. You can take advantage of the other activities that can be done. As birding lodges are normally located in forests, approach a guide on the lodges’ front desk to inquire about other activities. Most common ones are trekking in the forest, exploring the forest’s other wildlife creatures like monkeys, and even boating.

Most visitors and tourists for birding lodges are bird enthusiasts, ornithologists, or simply people who are keen to be closer to nature. There’s no greater experience than waking up to the soothing chirping of the birds and stepping out to see nature at its finest.

Eco-Friendly Accommodation

To match the perfectly enchanting vibe of nature, everything you see in Birding Lodges is eco-friendly. In accommodating all kinds of creature – humans and animals alike, birding lodges are set-up to be pollution and dirt-free. This means that birding lodges are generally clean and is equipped with full-time maintenance. Essentially, these lodges are made to attract all kinds of wildlife, not just birds. They are required to have great waste management administration to avoid dire effects on the surrounding wildlife.

In recent years, it had been easier for us to travel the world. There are hundreds of airlines that can offer cheap and promotional flight packages for our needs. We can go to European countries, Middle East, or other urban cities with ease. However, nothing beats a good spiritual and emotional overhaul than being one with nature.