Benefits of Changing Your Address Online


Moving is a stressful endeavour. The US Postal Service (USPS) reports that over 41 million Americans move every year. Packing and Unpacking are already time-consuming enough, without the worry of how you will notify everyone that you do business with that your address has changed. One of the main benefits of changing your address onIine is that you can do it from the comfort of your home and save yourself the postage and writing to each of the businesses. Check out and see how it works.

USPS Facts

The USPS sees it as saving the environment from wasted paper and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. They estimate that if everyone who moved changed their address onIine they would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 46 million pounds per year and save 2.6 million pounds of paper.

Currently, the 12.5 million movers that do change their addresses onIine reduced the impact of carbon dioxide emissions by 20.3 million pounds and saved. Approximately 1 million movers using onIine change of address forms reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by 1.6 million pounds.

These are only the forms to change your address with the USPS! Imagine the impact movers have by changing their address onIine for
everyone that they do business with.

Who to Change Your Address with Online USPS. The easiest way to change your address, we agreed, is onIine. Visit the US

Postal Service Change of Address site. They charge $1 on your debit or credit card as a way to verify your identity. The forwarding of your mail is good for 6 months, which should be plenty of time for you to get your address
changed with all of the other businesses.

Credit Card. Log into your specific credit card company website if you have credentials set up. They won’t be likely to believe that your bill didn’t show up or that you moved. You are responsible to make the minimum payment whether or not the paper arrived, so log in and make this change as soon as possible.

Bank. Most everyone has internet banking. Make sure that you log into your bank account and update your address. It’s important that you do this because if you use your debit card onIine, your address must match what they have as the billing

Magazines. Your magazines have a customer number or code located on your address label. If you visit your magazine’s webpage, you should be able to pull up your information along with that code and update your address.

Department of Motor

Vehicles. Depending on how strict your state is, you may have as little as 10 days to notify your DMV (or RMV) of your recent move. This is an offence that warrants a ticket if you are pulled over in many states. You can order a new license or in many states, it is acceptable to write your new address on the reverse side. Google registry or department of motor vehicles and your state to find the information that you need.

Auto-Shipped Orders. If you subscribe to any automatically shipped services like pet food delivery, shaving supplies, or any of those sorts of things, you must change your address immediately because they will not be forwarded.

Friends and Family! It’s very easy to whip up an easy and tasteful email to send to everyone to let them know your new address. This saves you a lot on postage and card buying.


Changing your address onIine rids you of the hassle of phone calls or writing letters, or even in the past, visiting the post office, to get your address changed. It benefits the environment and it’s quicker, easier, and more cost-efficient.