Are You Moving?

The experience of moving to a new address can be an exciting one or a less than exciting one, depending on the circumstances. Perhaps you are upgrading and moving to a nicer home in a nicer area, or maybe finances are tight, and you are downsizing to a less expensive locale. No matter the reason for your move, there is a lot to take care of, including packing up all your belongings and then unpacking them and rearranging everything in your new home. Moving can be a stressful experience but, in any case, it’s an opportunity for a fresh start, so take advantage of that!

One thing you must remember to take care of is notifying the US Postal Service of your move through a service like, so that you will continue to receive your mail without interruption. It is important to plan this in advance, in order not to miss any important correspondence, including bills. There are two ways to change your address with the US Postal Service. You can either go online to to fill out a change of address request, or you can go to your local post office and fill out a request for a change of address on the spot. It is a simple process and, in the case of a permanent move, it’s free of charge. You will be asked to fill out some information, such as whether you are moving permanently or temporarily, and the start date for your mail to be forwarded to your new address. The US Postal Service will continue to forward First-Class Mail, Express Mail and packages for one year from the date noted on your request. For periodicals and magazines, the forwarding period is only 60 days, so make sure to update your address with any periodicals and magazines you subscribe to so you won’t miss their delivery.

After that period of time, anything delivered to your old address will not be forwarded to you, so if you haven’t directly notified the various entities you receive mail from that you have moved to a new address, you will not receive any future correspondence from them. You see, in spite of filling out a forwarding request with the US Postal Service, you must make sure to change your address with each business or person you are in touch with. It is especially important to notify utility companies that you have moved, so that you don’t end up being delinquent on bills without realizing it. Also, the IRS must be notified of your new address, and you must apply for a change of address on your driver’s license, usually within 30 days of your move. This is a lot to remember in the days following your move. Make sure to make a note of this, in order to avoid problems down the road arising from mail you never received. Once you have taken care of this, and it is a bit of a bother, you can really settle down in your new home and move forward with your life.